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The Future of Drywall Texture is Here!

No Compressor. No Power.
No Problem!

The ETX™ professional spray gun is a self contained system. No external power or pressure is needed.

No Problem

Easy to Use
Easy to Clean

It really is as simple as connecting a cartridge and spraying your texture.
When you're done, connect the cleaner cartridge and spray for 2-3 seconds to clean and you're done!


ETX™ Professional Spray Gun
Texture and Cleaner Cartridges

This system will change everything you know about spraying drywall texture.

  • Professional Spray Gun
    High Quality, with non-corrosive aluminum body and brass internals.
    Comfortable and durable polypropylene handle keeps it light and it's ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue.
    Cartridge based system removes the need for power or compressor - more portable and versatile than any other spray system.
  • Texture Cartridge
    Special blend of premium mud can spray both Orangepeel or Knockdown from the same cartridge.
    Fast drying, within 20 minutes, to finish your job faster. Water based for easy clean up.
    Coverage up to 150 sq ft.
  • Cleaner Cartridge
    Specailized solution cleans and lubricates the ETX™ Spray Gun almost instantly.
    Eco-Friendly, a pleasant aroma, and just a few seconds is all you need.
    25+ cleanings from each cartridge
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See How Easy It Is

What People Are Saying

Don't just take our word for it!
People simply love the ETX™ System.
Everywhere we go there is high energy excitement over the Spray Gun and cartridges.
We recently were honored to be awarded "Best In Show" for new products at the 2017 Val-Test show in FL.

Val-Test Best in Show

Where To Buy

Here are some of the great companies we've partnered with to sell the ETX gun and cartriges.

Miller Paint
Vista Paint
Dunn Lumber
Parr Lumber
Dunn Edwards Paint
Sarasota Paint
JBS Supply